Thursday, 1 August 2013

Vodafone 3G Twitter TCP VPN Trick 100% Working August Openly Post.

I am really very happy to share the most exclusive Working 3G Trick after the Airtel BBM. This is the Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN Trick 100% Working for this August 2013. TheVodafone 3G Twitter Trick is based on the new official free Twitter service started by Vodafone. You just need to connect it at zero balance with the given config.The Vodafone TCP VPN iss based on 443 port with the twitter host and proxy. the trick is confirmed working in Maharashtra, UP East, Gujarat, W.B and almost every state of India 
I post this trick in two config folder One For up east(which perfect work in super speed its Found By me.)
And Second For maharashtra user and more..

Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN Trick August 2013

When it comes to Vodafone then very les of trick do work on it. As Vodafone has most strongest 3G network across India. you may remember in the December 2013 Vodafone TCP trick was wolrkiing alomost All over India but after some months it was blocked and now the golden days are again back, You will enjoy high speed TCP Speeed again on Vodafone for 3 months
Note-I Post this trick in two config Folder.
1-For Up EAst(check By me) Its Also Work In many State. SO First try 
2-For maharashtra ANd Reast User.

Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN features:

  • 100% Working and tested in All over India
  • based on the latest Vodafone official Free Twitter service
  • Free Twitter on Vodafone is valid till November 2013 hence this trick will work till 3 months
  • No 3G Pack or any BBM Plan is required
  • Directly works on default Vodafone APN
  • Based on TCP -443 Protocol (UDP config will be posted soon)
  • No Disconnection problem and balance deduction issue.
  • use this Trick on your Android phones using Feat VPN for Android

Steps to connect with Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN Trick :

As other VPN Tricks, The Vodafone 3G Twitter Trick is based on TCP-443 Config, we have added VPNBook and kebrum config, All the config is modified with proper Twitter host to make it work all over India.

User’s from Maharashtra including Me were having disconnection issue, Hence we are sharing new Updated Config for our Maharashtra Readers. The new config works superb with Nil Disconnection and better speed..
  • At First Download the Vodafone Twitter config on your PC.

Download Nmd vpn From Here

Download config From Here (All config in one folder)

  • that’s it! Copy the config files in NMD VPN Folder
  • Run NMD VPN as Administrator and connect with any of the given config
  • make sure you have some minimum balance on your Vodafone SIM and your access point is set : www 
  • TCP Connection will establish instantly, We recommend to try 2-3 times if getting error.
The latest Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN trick is confirmed working all over India.

Just ask us if you have any doubts or problems, We will help you instantly. Do Share your Speed Screenshots via comments to help other Readers and at last Like ALL-IN-ONE on Facebook to stay updated towards latest Tweaks.


hi brother i'm from tamilnadu.
this config is connected but data balance redusing

try in zero bal.
if again any problem then reply me.

u right because this config is ban in up east.
give your email id i send u fresh config which work in up east.

bro config not working in upeast..pls provide new config

anand mail send check your inbox.
and keep visiting..

still not working....

Hey bro! This is not worked.with zero bal in delhi.pls provide me solution at mail me.

Hiii bro it is not working in up east i tried it many times and another one is giving only 30 kbps speed what should i do.

thnx for comment soon i give you rocking voda config.

Hello Athar cbm,
Really Appreciate your work.
For some reason surveys are not working for me. I have completed them yet download won't start at all.

Please send me these configs to
I am from Maharashtra.

Hello Athar cbm,
Really Appreciate your work.
For some reason surveys are not working for me. I have completed them yet download won't start at all.

Please send me these configs to
I am also from Maharashtra.

Sir I also need a configaration for up east plzzz mail me my email is

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