Thursday, 1 August 2013

Feat Vpn Tutorial For Using Vpn Tricks On Android Mobile

On the request of one of my blog visitors asked me for free internet on android so we are providing this tutorial as many of cannot afford to spend their most of the time on pc and laptops and the cellular network 3g internet prices are always too expensive .Finally we've got Android Feat VPN.It is very easy to use and best VPN service rather than Open VPN.It supports both Nmd and Openvpn config files.It working in all android based Tablets,Mobile phones.This would be going to best way to get free internet on Android -

Benefits of Android Feat VPN

  • Supports all Android Versions Including (1.0)
  • Rooting of device is not necessary
  • Works with any Vpn Config files
  • It is available for Free of Cost,No need to buy
  • Beta version is Available for Higher Versions (4.0+)
  • Anyone can understand and use very easily (Tutorial)

Steps To Use Tricks on Android

Lot's of VPN's are available on playstore but most of them required root.Many users did not know how to Root their Android mobile phones and tablets.But by using Feat vpn,nothing to worry about it just download the App from the Playstore or Official site and install it.
  1. Download the Android Feat vpn from by click the link below
  2. Click here to Download For ANdroid version 2.x/3.x
  3. Click here to download for Android versions 4.x or above
  4.  Create your working VPN config into .zip and paste in your SD card . 
  5.  After the download completes install Featvpn in your Android Mobile
Now tap on TUNNELS button as shown in figure
Now u can see the option Add Tunnels,by this u can add Config files into VPN to Run VPN,Just tap on the Load option

 From the above image read the instructions carefully and tap Load button

By Clicking Load button you can view the files Located on your SD card, Select the .ZIP file and that You've Created.
After this feat vpn gradually obtains it requirements such as pass.txt etc.After that you will be successfully get connected to the vpn.

If there was no problem in the Config files and UDP or TCP is open in your area you will be successfully connected to the vpn.
Now you are done!!!!.
You can enjoy high speed internet as you enjoy in computer with unlimited downloads

If you faces any problems please comment on it i will solve the issue.And don't forget to like my Facebook page


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