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How to Repair Huawei USB Modem with Mobile Doctor.. In Simple Step

Almost 60% of Internet subscribers use High Speed Wireless Internet connectivity in India. USB 3G dongles are easy to use, User’s can switch with various service providers with one single USB Dongle. Since last 2 years 3G dongles/data cards is getting virally popular among youths and regular Internet user’s. However there are lots of issues and problems with dongles as maximum of Huawei USB Modem are locked with certain barrier and it is sold Unlocked hence warranty for that device is not covered. here is a Simple tool called Mobile Doctor to repair normal and advance issues with your modem easily.

Repair Huawei USB Modem

Huawei is the Biggest Dongle/data card manufacturer in the world. The popularity of Huawei dongles lies in its quality. Huawei USB dongles are compatible on multiple platforms such as windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Almost All Indian Telecom and Internet providers Sell Huawei Dongles by re branding them with their Dashboard but these all gets easily Unlocked in market and one can use all GSM 3G SIM cards in It.

But what if your device is giving problems or you think there is some minor issue in it. If your dongle is Un-officially unlocked then you won’t be able to get benefited with its warranty, hence the only solution comes Huawei Mobile Doctor. The Simple yet advanced App is developed for troubleshooting and how to RepairHuawei USB Modem at Home. if there are some minor Software issues it will get repaid instantly or if There is some hardware problem so you will let it know easily via this app.

Huawei Mobile Doctor features :

The Mobile doctor app for Huawei USB Modems can fix several issues and if there is a serious hardware problem, It will let you know which enable you to easily get it repaired with specific problem.

Huawei Mobile Doctor can repair the following problems:

  • Auto run feature disabled from Device
  • Dashboard Not detecting on PC
  • SIM card not found or Not inserted properly
  • network and card status errors
  • Device Band is Incorrect error
  • Default dashboard not Working
  • Call and SMS not working
  • Al other firmware issues can be repaired with Mobile Doctor.
What else you need? The mobile doctor can easily repair the above listed problems in one Click. Most of the devices are having some of these issues but as user’s are not aware they get it repaired in market at an additional cost. The 3G USB modems from Huawei are crafted so perfectly that there can be no hardware damages. hardware only needs to be repaired if there is some accidental or hard damage, Otherwise Mobile Doctor is enough to solve your data cards problems at home…

Steps to Repair Huawei USB Modem with Mobile Doctor

Here are the easiest yet effective steps for getting your Huawei 3G dongle repaired in less time, Just follow the instructions with screenshot and implement it.

The first step is to Download the Mobile doctor Application (thanks for )

Download Mobile Doctor

Now when the app is ready, you have to first Diagnose your Device with it. When you insert your dongle the diagnoses process with start automatically and it will show the problems in your device or dashboard.

As you saw, Mobile Doctor will automatically check the items which needs to be repaired. (I have not inserted the dongle hence only dashboard issue is detected)

Now comes the repair Procedure, Just click on Repair Button and repairing process will get initiated.
The repairing Process will finish in few seconds and a new Result page will be displayed which shows that the issue is repaired and your Modem is up to date without any problems (check out the below screenshot).

Few Tips to Remember:

  • Mobile Doctor is only made for Huawei modems, Other brands dongle will not work
  • Its better to close third part or Un Modified Huawei dashboard first while repairing
  • Always run the Mobile Doctor with Administrator privileges
  • Do not plug out your device in the middle of Repairing Process.
That’s all about How to Repair Huawei USB Modem easily at all. Credit goes to

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