Friday, 29 July 2011

Reliance 8 Plans For Internet Updated 29 july 2011

There has been several new gprs plans available in reliance, which is 100% confirmed through cc, Which are as follows,

29 rs - 1gb for 1 week.
53 rs - 2gb for 15 days.
63 rs - 2.5gb for 1 month.
99 rs - 3gb for 1 month(which is stupid one considering previous pack, also not 6gb like in some other states).
178 rs - 20gb for 1 month.
248 rs - 20gb for 3 months.
All packs can be activated through ec by retailer only.
Apart from these 5 rs and 51 rs pack remains same which can be activated by ourselves.

These are available in Tamilnadu, confirm through cc in your states and reply please.
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