Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Speak Asia Breaking New's On Yahoo

Today on Yahoo News About Speak Asia on First Page in News and Opinion Area and Yahoo also asked for People to Comment on this Story , In the End of the the News . They Tell them as Long story short, you were just made a BAKRA!!
This is all because the return amount which is assured by Speak Asia Company is not possible more over their to no assured returns and Indian authorities can not do any thing in this matters is full ashame . In the News they also said that " Money is Not Going Directly to Speak Asia but its going to franchise."
Many Others News Website raise the Questions on the  who is real Owner of Speak Asia and If company will run away who will be going to Suffer .

Speak Asia News On Yahoo
Speak Asian's : Yahoo is Doing because speak asia website is coming  in online advertising . 
But a Small Question is Their :
Speak Asia has only 20 Lakh member and they will advertise to only these member and Yahoo 
have millions of peoples who have their yahoo account for mail , chat and Other Services their is 
no compaction between  Big Ship and Small Boat


I also see the news of Speak Asia Fraud
but after listing to many Speak Asians i also think Speak Asia is Genuine.
And Sure it will Come Back After all the Media Politics . After Listing Speak Asia Future Plans on 9th June in Talkatora Stadium - Delhi.

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