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How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android

When it comes to secure your personal Info including contacts and text messages on Android, Then sadly there is No official App Nor any Official way to do this. How many times you have Lost your text messages after a phone crash? Or have actually forgotten to backup SMS before updating your phone or installing a new firmware which would wipe / delete all your data and text messages. in the Android Market (Google Play) There are hundreds of Apps to do this, Some are very easy and some will give you headache and also there are premium Ones. but here we have came with a Free App to Backup SMS and Restore on Android in a Very easy way. before updating or installing any new firmware on your Device it is very necessary to Backup your SMS and Other Data. Lets see the Tutorial By us to Backup SMS and Restore on Android .

Backup SMS and Restore on Android

Backup SMS and Restore on Android
Here is the simplest Tutorial to backup and Restore SMS on Android phones and Tablet using a FREE App called  ”SMS backup & Restore” Some of the highlighted Features of this App is shown below

Features of Backup SMS and Restore App

  • backup your Messages in XML Format, so can be also restored on various Apps
  • Very Easy Setup, No technical Skills Required
  • Automatic scheduled backups – Automatically backup text messages.
  • You can also View the Backup Content on the Phone
  • Option to backup selected conversations.
  • Email a backup file.
  • Delete all SMS messages on the phone.
This Application Create backups in XMl Format which is saved to your SD Card.  the file can be also9 converted into other formats easily, which can be views in computer, Online Tools, other HIgh End Devices. ou can also e-mail your backup files easily anywhere you wish from within the app.

Method to backup SMS Messages in Android

Willing to backup your Text messages? Follow the simple steps below, first you need to Download The App and Install it on your phone
Backup SMS and Restore on Android 1
This is the Default Screen when you open the App. Simply TAP the Backup Buttonto Proceed.
Backup SMS and Restore on Android-2
After tapping the backup button, you will be asked for a Filename to save your Backup, You can change it and Then Tap OK to Start backup Process
Backup SMS and Restore on Android-3
Done! Your Device will Vibrate when Backup is completed and wil show you the results.
Backup SMS and Restore on Android-4
That’s it, you can see the backup Report. SMS backup process has been completed! Now if at any point you want to restore your SMS messages back on your Android phone, we have instructions for that as well. See below.
Method to Restore Text Messages on Android
Step- 1: Open Backup SMS and Restore App
Backup SMS and Restore on Android-5
In Order to Restore your Text messages,you will need to Tap on Restore Button, and Select your XML File to Restore
Backup SMS and Restore on Android-6
Now Select your Latest Backup File, which you want to Restore and Tap OK Buttonto Start Restoring of Messages
Done! Your Device will Vibrate when Restoring is Completed, and you will get the Report.
So this was the most Simplest and Easiest Method to Backup and Restore SMS on Android Device. If you Run into any problems, Leave a Comment and we will try our best to solve your Problem.


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