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How to Backup Contacts in Android using Default Option

When it comes to backup in Android there are many third party apps available for Backup but there was No official way to do this till now but it Seems now Google has integrated Default Options of Backup of Contacts and other important Stuff on Android Platform. To Activate backup features in Android phone, there are two major options Available on the latest Version of Android Devices. These are Account Sync and backup my data. lets see how can one backup their contacts in a Simple way using any of one Default Options.

Backup Contacts in Android

1. Account and Sync: With Account and Sync you can backup Gmail, Calendar, contacts, Picasa and Web Album These Data is Sync with your Attached Google Account is is very Secured.  Hence with this Feature you can only backup your confidential Data Like Gmail Settings, picassa Albums and other Google play data, In most of the new Version’s of Android Account and Sync is tuned ON by Default. but if it is no Activated Then you can always Activate it by Following Procedure given below.

How to Activate Sync Function on Android Devices?

1. Open menu and further tap on ‘Settings’ Button.
2. Among the various option that appears in front of you opt ‘Accounts and sync’. Add a Gmail account information by providing ID and Pass, data will start syncing. by Enabling this it does Automatically in Certian Interval, But you can also force it to Sync by Tapping the green sync button which is located beside your Email Id.
The best part is whether you make any the information or on your android device or on the web are easily automatically synced with each other.

Back up my Data

Now this comes the default options for taking backup of your Contacts easily without any third party Application. When you enable this Feature on your Android devices, a Wide variety of your personal data is actually saved, including your Browser bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, a list of the apps which you’ve installed on the Google Play,also the words which have been entered in Dictionary using Android keyboard and all of your Custom Settings is back uped here. This whole process is done Automatically and whole data is Transferred to Google Cloud Servers attached with your Account so it is always very Secure. it is always better to Backup Contacts in Android and other Functions using bak Up my Data instead of trusting on Third Party Apps.
Here is the Simple Procedure to Activate “Back up my data’ function on your Android Phone/tablet
1 Open menu button and then tap on ‘Settings’ Button.
2. Among the several option that appeared in front of you to select ‘Privacy’. Then check ‘Back up my data’. Also check your ‘Automatic restore’ option if it’s not done already.
The best thing is whether you make changes to information on device or on the web all of them are automatically synced with each other.
Done! All the mentioned procedure backup our data and information, so how it can be restored after a factory reset.
So to Restore your Contacts and other custom Data after a Factory Reset is really simple.  Just Follow the above mentioned Steps and then Login with the same Google (Email) Id which you used Earlier and between the Setup process A Option will be available which allows Restoring Data from Google Account.
With using the above mentioned Steps you won’t be able to backup and SMS and MMS, this is just for contacts and Custom Settings, You an easily backup your SMS using SMS backup and Restore App for Android. However All the Android Devices does not Come with Backup Feature this is due to custom Home baked Android OS. but Still most of the new version and Device have this Feature.


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