Sunday, 24 November 2013

Download Flash Games Easily With This Trick Website Like (Miniclip,zapak etc)

After Long Time Today I am going to show you an easy way on How to download games from

And other Flash sites.
You only need an internet browser(any). 
So , let's get started.


First go to and choose a the game you want to download. For this tutorial, I chose Monster Trucks Nitro 2


Once you are on the game page, right click on the page(somewhere empty) and click view page source


A window will pop up showing the source of the page.
Press CTRL+F and Find Box will pop up.
Type .swf and then press Search.
BOOM! You just found the filename of the flash game! In my example, the filename is mtn2.swf


Now put the filename of the flash game at the end of the URL as I did in the picture and press this


You will now see that the game loads in Full Screen. Now,to download the game,just open your favorite download manager and copy the whole link in. 
In my example the link is .
As you can see in the picture I use DownThemAll (Addon for Firefox)


Now, once you download your game, you will be able to play it by simply creating a new tab in your browser and then moving the game file in it.

This trick works in almost all flash game sites.Enjoyy ALL-in-One Friend's

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