Friday, 18 October 2013

Vodafone 3G TCP Trick 100% Working in Delhi (October)

After Airtel I Bring,Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick is confirmed working in Delhi and Other northern states without any speed capping nor SIM Blocking. The Vodafone 3G TCP Trick is NOT based on Twitter host, this trick works on Other Secret hosts which is working in Delhi and some northern states since months. Vodafone Twitter TCP VPN Trick and Proxy trick was blocked almost everywhere and hence only Another Vodafone Hist Trick works perfectly in northern India.

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick – October 2013

Thousands of/3G Tricks gets scattered over the we but there all tricks are being blocked on daily basis. As compared to Proxy tricks, A VPN Trick works for a longer time and have much benefits. Some of our Online readers are using this trick in Delhi and and other’s are using it in Maharashtra with Delhi SIM card,The trick was working since 3 months and finally the new Secret host was revealed today. we have included the full modified VPN Config, You simple need to download it and configure with the steps given below

Features of Vodafone 3G VPN Trick

  • Based on TCP Open Port
As this VPN trick is based on TCP Open port, you will get much faster speed as compared to other Proxy or VPN Tricks. TCP VPN Config can be modified with Hosts and other details to make it work for each region, Hence this configured TCP-443 Config makes it work in Delhi and Other North side.
  • Works In Android Smartphones
Yes! Now its much easier to get any VPN Trick work on Android ecosystem without Rooting your phone. Feat VPN and New OpenVPN for Android works Without rooting your device, you may user the given config in your smartphone as used on PC.

  • No Balance Deduction at All

Vodafone twitter trick VPN and Proxy both started deducting balance all over India as the Twitter host was monitored by Vodafone, But this numerical host and Proxy is working perfectly without any balance deduction or Disconnection issue
  • Supports Torrent
  • Unlimited Usage with No Limitations
  • No Speed Capping
  • No SIM Blocking Issue in Vodafone
  • Tweaked with default Vodafone APN
  • Works in 2G and 3G mode.

How to Configure Vodafone 3G TCP Trick on Windows Platform:

As like other VPN Tricks, Configuring Vodafone TCP 443 Trick is simple yet easy. this is a VPN Trick hence you will need a VPN tunneling App on your PC. We recommend you to use NMD VPN for connecting VPN Config. Just follow the below steps to successfully Configure Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick. At First Just Download Vodafone TCP (October) Config on your PC via the links given below.

Download Vodafone 3G TCP Config (October)

  • Now make sure you have installed NMD VPN on your PC, If not Just Download NMD VPN for windows
  • Now Copy the hole Vodafone TCP Folder which you downloaded now and paste it into :C>> Program Files:>> NMD VPN:>> Config:
  • Just connect Vodafone 3G via default APN: WWW
  • Now RUN NMD VPN (Windows 7 & 8 user’s need to run it as administrator)
  • Connect the Given Vodafone Config in NMD VPN
  • VPN Tunneling Connection will get established
  • Done! you will be connected instantly..

Screen Shot:

That’s It! This latest Vodafone 3G Trick for October -November 2013 is 100% Working Delhi and some other states, This trick is also predicted to work in Haryana and U.P east, however it needs to be tested there. Instead of using Proxy tricks which have sim Blocking issue, its better to give a try to this Vodafone TCP VPN trick based on new secret hosts.

There are numerous of 3G Tricks working for now, our previously shared Airtel 3g Trick With Pd Proxyis confirmed Working all over India however if you are addicted to Vodafone Tricks then just give this a Try. Like ALL-IN-ONE on Facebook to get yourself Updated towards the free internet addiction.


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