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Hi, here is another Proxy trick for Airtel confirmed working in most of the states on PC and mobile. ALL-in-ONE has always been first to share working tricks in all the mobile networks, continuing posting the best tricks over the web here is our new post. We all know airtel is very strict nowadays and they have blocked most of the tricks that were working in the past. Airtel is also blocking SIM card of its users for using free internet if they overuse the bandwidth. Most of the VPN and proxy tricks have stopped working in most of the regions. But still we managed to find few working tricks. This is a proxy trick that is reportedly working in All over India and tested personally by the Author in 2G and 3G networks.

Working Airtel 2G/3G Proxy Trick

How to configure Airtel 2G/3G Proxy Trick

I Directly Come Into Topic

No need to worry for speed capping and all those hassles. You just enter the by default setting provided by Airtel and change HP,proxy and port or Create another setting with new name but previous APN. And everything is ready So Get your settings below. This was tested by me :)


2) /
And Now save above as default and You
are ready to experience the Speed.


Don't change nothing
Remember but disconnet after 80 MB
i used that 13 GB in 2nd trick

For PC:

For using this trick on PC you need to configure you Browser to use proxy ip. First of all Click on Tools menu from the menu bar. Click on the options sub menu now click on the Advance menu, Go to the Network tab and then Click on settings. Here you go, just write the Proxy IP and Port which is given above and click on use it for all protocols. You are done with the configurations. Just open the working homepage and Enjoy free internet.

Screen Shot:

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Sir ji my sim blocked, folowing ur step, after appx 200mb...any best hp for unlimited download...
Happy new year

same to you rahul,
i write in article disconnect after 80mb ..
can u do this step...??

Kya ye trick android m bhi work karti h ????

Pliz help its not working on my android

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