Wednesday, 20 March 2013

100% Working Airtel 2G&3G Proxy Trick for PC and Mobile

Hi, here is another Proxy trick for Airtelconfirmed working in most of the states on PC and mobile. has always been first to share working tricks in all the mobile networks, continuing posting the best tricks over the web here is our new post. We all know airtel is very strict nowadays and they have blocked most of the tricks that were working in the past. Airtel is also blocking SIM card of its users for using free internet if they overuse the bandwidth. Most of the VPN and proxy tricks have stopped working in most of the regions. But still we managed to find few working tricks. This is a proxy trick that is reportedly working in Punjab and Delhi and tested personally by the Author in 2G and 3G networks.

Working Airtel 2G/3G Proxy Trick

Ucweb Downloading Trick Airtel
The proxy trick is shared by our Online Reader Zafar. the Airtel 2G/3G Proxy Trick seems to be working in Punjab and Delhi, However it will also be working in UP east and other states including Rajasthan and Gujarat lets see some of its features followed by the steps.

Features of this trick:

This is a proxy trick:  like other VPN tricks you need not to download or install any software and you also need not to do any configuration settings.
As I mentioned above that it’s a proxy trick, it will work flawless in all those states where proxy tricks are still working.
This trick is tested and found working in Delhi and Punjab on both 2G and 3G networks so if airtel 3G is not launched in your region you can use it on 2G network. For using it on 3G network
Activate 3G zero rental plan otherwise you will not get 3G speed.
You can use this trick on you PC as well as on Phone. This trick is working fine on Default browsers of the phone.
 No SIM card blocks issue. As I told you above airtel block SIM card only if you exceed the bandwidth by continuously download. To avoid SIM card block you need to disconnect it after every 50MB, this is recommended I never got my SIM card blocked using like this. In case your SIM card got blocked, don’t worry buy the smallest GPRS recharge in your region, in Punjab its Rs.5 for 50MB for 2G networks. Use it and wait for another day, your SIM card will be active again for using free GPRS tricks.
This trick is working fine with Internet Download Manager aka IDM, so you can download you files on rapid speeds. To use this trick on IDM you need to configure IDM to use proxy. Use the following method to configure IDM to use proxies for downloading: First of all double click on the IDM icon in your system tray. IDM window will be pop-up on the screen then click on the Downloads menu from the menu bar, and then click on the options sub menu. Now click on the Proxy tab, click on “Use HTTP proxy” now write the Proxy IP and port which is given below. Click ok and you are done.

How to configure Airtel 2G/3G Proxy Trick

Below are the methods for using this trick on various platforms . follow eh instructions properly before implementing.
For mobile:
Account Name: ALLINONE
Access point:
Proxy: enabled
Proxy IP:
Port: 80
Homepage: any working IP for airtel in your state.
(For Punjab and Delhi use or
For PC:
For using this trick on PC you need to configure you Browser to use proxy ip.  First of all Click on Tools menu from the menu bar. Click on the options sub menu now click on the Advance menu, Go to the Network tab and then Click on settings. Here you go, just write the Proxy IP and Port which is given above and click on use it for all protocols. You are done with the configurations. Just open the working homepage and Enjoy free internet.
Screenshot of the trick


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