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Earning with Clickbank in India – Monetizing Guide

New Indian bloggers are always looking for some new monetizing method for their blogs and this time apart fromGoogle Adsense we will Guide you how can a Indian Blogger/Webmaster earn a decent online Income with Clickbank in India. There are numerous of ways scattered over the web to earn with Affiliates some of them are andAffiliateViA but Clickbank is the largest Affiliate network running since 10 years there are thousands of products and services which can be easily promoted through Clickbank. Hence a Blogger can give a new Move to his monetizing plan by using Clickbank

Earning with Clickbank in India

Indian user’s doesn’t liked Clickbank because first they send two paper checks which takes a lot of time for clearance but now Clickbank has eliminated the paper check system and now India is among the countries where Direct deposit is available for Clickbank User’s  you can get all your earnings directly into your Indian bank account in Indian INR Currency  this makes a Blogger or affiliate marketer to Go again with Clickbank.

 What is Clickbank ?

Clickbank is the largest Affiliate network started in 1998. A Affiliate marketer is fool if he does not Choose Clickbank for his marketing promotion. Clickbank has lots of vendors and Affiliate Publishers. They pay huge commission which makes Clickbank different from other affiliate networks.

Guide to start Earning with Clickbank in India

blogging is the best way to promote anything or Earn with advertisements online. Clickbank products can be easily promoted through a Blog. You just need to focus on its products and write a Quality Article related to it with having your Affiliate link to the product Website, This will go in lots off conversation and your Earnings will be boosted. There are numerous of products which can be promoted by  banner and Affiliate links It is always better to blog for earning with Affiliates rather then completely Depending on Google Adsense.  Belive it with less traffic  in Affiliates you can earn 10 times more than Adsense.
Email marketing
Little hard but as lots of advantages. millions of user’s use their emails daily. products and online Services can be promoted via Email marketing. There are many free and premium Email marketing online Apps. You can build a email list and start promoting your campaign. if you get as low as 1% conversation then even you can earn upto $1500  in a month.
SEO Blog
Most of the products in Clickbank are related to SEO and blogging, Hence Creating a SEO blog will generate a lot of income for you. There are many and many SEO related products available on ClickBank. Writing posts related to those products and doing some white hat SEO techniques will be very beneficial for you.

How to Setup ClickBank Direct Deposit for India

Clickbank as Now eliminated the paper Checks system and now the new Affiliates can directly receive their first payment through direct deposit. The minimum  payout is $10 which is low so if you even earn a little  You don’t have to wait as you will receive your payment.
After Creating your Account navigate to payment settings and select Direct Deposit and enter your Indian bank name , your Account Number and IFSC code of your branch,also you can set your Minimum payout. (Refer to above image for more details)
The secret for Indian Bloggers
To be honest If you are promoting g Clickbank products on Indian traffic blogs then there will be almost NO conversations and you are just wasting your time. Only Start promoting Clickbank products on International Traffic blogs as the services offered in Clickbank are for international clients and very less Indian clients are part of it.
For Indian Traffic you can use Indian Affiliate Network, Vcomssion and AffiliateVIA which will enable you to make money from Indian blogs
If you are serious to generate a Decent legit income using affiliate marketing then Let Clickbank look on your financial needs. if you work hard you will be happy to see tons of conversations and Funds in your account.


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