Saturday, 1 October 2011

How to make invisible folder New method

Hey mates,, 

I Guess this might be SUCKS for some of u yeah i know !!!

There is some method u can search about in FF to make undeletable folder, but here is a way i noticed maybe some if u did too, so this is not new , but this for people who didn't notice that so i put this .

The Method:

you know that if u r using the command prompt, and you changed the directory to any directory, for example: C:\Test

Command Prompt

and you tried to delete the folder, you will get this error message:

Error Message

So now you know how the method works, but how to do this .

Well we will Write a Batch Script to do this

The Script

Let's say you will make a the UnDeletable folder in C:\ and you will name it TEST, okay !?

echo off

Don't Forget to write PAUSE command as this command will make the folder still opened

< if u don't understand what the script does, tell me in a comment and i'll Edit the Thread and modify it, but quickly please before the limited time come for editing the thread . >

But hey, we must make this window invisible 
So, we will make a VBS Script to do this:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell"
WshShell.Run chr(34) & "PUT HERE THE PATH OF THE BATCH SCRIPT" & Chr(34), 0

Then put the VBS SCRIPT in the Start Up folder or put anywhere and make a key registry to run it at start up.
< If you don't know how to make a registry key PM me >


you can simply convert the bat file to exe using this program:
and if u don't trust me you can Search the web for bat2exe program

Then convert the script to exe and check invisible box

Bat 2 Exe Converter 

Then Press Compile

That's It

Why this is interesting for me ?

Interesting idea for keeping folders safe (I know I've made viruses to delete program files, which is why this is interesting for me).


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