Saturday, 17 September 2011

[UBT/FBT using OM6.1AndroidHUI] DL&UL Capable SM@RT and GL0BE Settings

This app requires y0ur ph0ne to have, AT LEAST, an Android OS 2.1 (Éclair) to work. Just install the attached Opera Mini and c0nfigure. I made this run on my SE Xperia X8 with Android2.1, non-rooted. 100% working po s'ya sa Sm@rt and Gl0be Netw0rks..

NOTE: The steps are patterned with my phone, a slight difference may be seen with other android devices and operating system versions.

I. Setting Up Your Access Point:
1. Press Menu > Settings > Wireless& Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Edit existing Access Point or press Menu to Create NEW APN
2. Key in the following:

- for Sm@rt subscribers -
Name: Smart MMS
APN : mms
Port: 8080
Authentication type: None
APN type: default,supl

- for Gl0be users -
Name: myGlobe Setup
Proxy: or
Port: 80
Authentication type: None
APN type: default

3. Mark/Choose the settings y0u've created/edited.

II. Enabling Your Internet Connection:
1. Your airtime balance must be PhP9 or below (preferably p1so) for sm@rt users and zer0 balance for gl0be subscribers.
2. Press Menu > Settings > Wireless& Networks > Mobile Networks >
3. Check Data Traffic > Tap OK
4. It must have a G, E, 3G, or H signal on the top of the phone together with the uplink and downlink arrows.
5. Kapag walang lumabas na alinmang signal sa mga ito, restart your phone.

III. Opera Mini Configuration:
1.Key in the following configurations in the OM Handler (attached):

- for Sm@rt subscribers -
Front Query:<space>

- for Gl0be users -
Front Query:

2. Tap SAVE.
3. Wait until the installation be done and display the agreement term.
4. Tap Accept.
5. Enjoy Surfing.
6. Hit Thanks..ü

NOTE: Front Query lang p0 talaga 'yung lalagyan, clear all the other fields or don't touch them.
Ang mga tricks po na ginamit ay default mms<space>@ trick ng sm@rt at ang bag0ng freesite trick ng gl0be, y0u can m0dify it sa gust0 p0 niny0 to add m0re speed and stability.
<space> is really a space, just like pressing zero(0) in nokia phones.

For easy setup of your Speed Dial/Start Page and Bookmarks, Synchronize your Opera Mini.

Tried and tested k0 na po 't0 on b0th networks and they're w0rking fine. Patience lng p0 and tiyaga sa pg-install kc mdy0 unstable ang mga tricks ngay0n.

Kung trip n'y0 nman p0 ay OM 4.2, punta na lng po kay0 →dito←.

Feedback and share na lng po please ng netw0rk n'y0, ph0ne m0del/OSversion at settings na ginamit. Salamat po..
Hit thanks nlng po kung may naitulong sa inyo..


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