Tuesday, 13 September 2011

See How to Check Proxy Is Working Or Not

Hello everybody..sometime u experienced that some rim proxy working sometimes and sometimes not..many people think that relience blocked that proxy or trick..but they are wrong..why? Here is the reason:
1.open this site


2.scroll down page and see at the end..there is a box where they say about "search for ip"
3.enter proxy(without port) which u think its blocked or u r using
4.after search it will show u detail of proxy
5.see "status" if it offline that means proxy will not works..when it goes "online" it will works..
6.latency:when its low means high speed proxy
7.total checks: which show u % of status means how long it online(if its 80 % up then good)
don't blame me if u know..just info.


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