Thursday, 15 September 2011

Microsoft may buy Nokia Mobile

The consequences of acquisition of Nokia mobile by Microsoft. A boost for mobile market competition if Microsoft ends up buying Nokia mobile arm. Futuristic mobile technology will be available at cheaper rate in future.


A string of rumors are going on around the Internet that the technology giant i.e. Microsoft, may buy the mobile arm of Nokia. A series of ongoing talks between the top executive heads of Microsoft and Nokia is being given credit for such rumors. If one was to introspect these rumors, they just might turn out to be true and be in the best interests of both the companies.

Microsoft has been known to be an acquirer rather than an Inventor. In the past Microsoft has had acquired many start-ups and various established technology ventures. The heads at cash rich Microsoft are more interested in taking over an already seasoned company than to create one for the competition. In the past Microsoft had successfully taken over Hotmail for a mind boggling deal which had increased the brand value of Hotmail to a 1000 fold. At that point of time there were only two globally popular mail providers i.e. yahoo and Hotmail. Yet with the acquisition of Hotmail, Microsoft and yahoo both were beaten on their own turf by Google s mail offering.

Over a period of time, Microsoft tried its best to acquire Yahoo, but stiff opposition from Yahoo founding members has kept it away from its dream coming true. Currently the mobile market is a game changer market and whoever dominates this market will end up dominating the technology segment for the next decade. Microsoft s mobile market share has almost diminished owing to the every growing competition between the big three i.e. Apple, Google and RIM. The mobile market, once dominated and ruled by Nokia now sees Nokia loosing its market share rapidly with Apple and Google being the gainers.

Nokia badly needs restructuring and re-emergence if it needs to survive the onslaught by Google s Android OS and Apples iOS. Nokia even signed a deal with Microsoft to create new and better devices in future that will redefine mobile connectivity. While signing the deal, Nokia had very mercilessly killed its own Symbian Foundations hard work with regard to Symbian Operating System.

Facing dwindling share of mobile units selling, it would be best for Nokia to forge a strong alliance with Microsoft and produce mobile devices which would be huge successes in near future. Microsoft buying Nokia mobile segment may help both the companies to bring about a revival in their flagship offering. If reports of a future merger are true then it is a good news for investors of Nokia and Microsoft both. It is also a great news for mobile crazy people like us who would get to witness unprecedented price war and packaging of super features in new mobile devices. We hope that Nokia does get bought by Microsoft and the competition in mobile segment heats up.


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