Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Google Gmail Bug Inroduced by magictrick.in Check Out Usefull Info

As Surfing On the Internet I Checked that   ( by  (magictrick.in) )

I had Two Accounts on Gmail (google) Gmail.com.

For Eg. 

1. abc@gmail.com
2. xyz@gmail.com

I had Logged on abc@gmail.com and Opened for few minutes and abc@gmail.com and xyz@gmail.com both are having gtalk communications between Them. 

So i logged on to abc@gmail.com For 1 minutes After that I logged Off abc@gmail.com , After Simultaneosly I logged to xyz@gmail.com And Seed that abc@gmail.com Is Online for 30 seconds So This is The Loop Hole Of Google Gmail They Should Improve this... ;)

Google Dont Mind... :D



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