Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Simplest Way To Type Special Characters - must see!

Wanted to type special characters such as ® © ¼ ½ ™ ȇ ǎ À ¿ ?
You don't need to memorize any codes because Windows have already built-in a simple tool for this.

1) Start > Run.

2) Type 'charmap' and press Enter.

3) The character map will be shown. Double click any character that you want to select it,
then click 'Copy' to copy and paste it to anywhere you want



If you highlight a character, the shortcut code for it will be shown at the bottom right corner.
Not every character has a shortcut code though.

In the above example, Alt+0174 means to hold the Alt button, press 0 1 7 4 in sequence on your Numpad
(make sure Numlock is enabled) and release the Alt button. Doing so will type ® straight away without using charmap. Try it!

PS: The special characters may not be supported by some programs/website/forums. Use it with care.


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