Monday, 29 August 2011

SAP GUI 7.10 Full Win32 install by magictrick,in

Here is the latest SAP GUI installer version 7.10

This is the user interface that allows you to connect and interact with various SAP servers including Netweaver ABAP SAP 4.X to ECC6. The installer has SAP GUI for BI/BW etc. Run setupall.exe to get the full configuration.

This is a good addition to the SAP IDES system I added on Monday.

To connect to your SAP server, do the following:

Description: anything you want
Application server: The IP or URL of your server
SAProuter: Not used unless you configured a SAP router in your network.
System ID: The id of your system, usualy three characters
System Number: usually 00 02 04 etc. Look at your SAPMMC
SAP System: Usually R/3




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