Friday, 12 August 2011

How to Get Page Rank And Backlinks(What tly It Is?) -- Seo Beginner Owner Of -- Most Imp In website Making

Backlinks Backlinks & Backlinks is the only way to get a PageRank so high. Ofcourse youSearch Engine Optimization is necessary, but in my case it was all Backlinks. The more you get backlinks the more your site will rank on Google PageRank System.

What are Backlinks?

In simple words and for better understanding its means having a link back to your websitefrom a reputed or high PageRank website. The more the PageRank of your friends website from where you are getting a link back to your site, The more you PageRank you will get and in lesser time and lesser links are required.
Let’s say some of your friends have a pagerank of 3 and you have got your link on there websites. Now according to age old experience only few links around 10-15 are required for your blog from the Higher PageRank to get a Page rank of 3. Isn’t that simple!!!

What is PageRank ?

Firstly PageRank is named after Larry Page. A PageRank will simple help you get more advertising and a higherposition in google search engine. But PR is not solely can bring the search results, the content relevance and quality will also matter. I have seen some lower pagerank sites with pretty good search engine results. The main source of search engine is by far the simplest one, which is content. It is the King and it will remain a King.
One more thing is that if you want a backlink form my website … simply mention my blog in one of your articlesand i will reciprocate a link to you. Isn’t that simple 


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