Sunday, 14 August 2011

[FREE VPN] 8in1 ShieldVPN v4 HSS+EXS+ProX+Areth+Raptor+Real+Xtream+Soft [37 Servers] by

All-in-one VPN. Recommended for beginners.
for 32-bit and 64-bit system

Version 4.0

1. Taphss/Tap0901 auto-detection (auto-detect 32/64-bit, no external bat files)
2. Pinger
3. Statistics
4. Randomizer
5. Auto save settings.
6. Huawei Unlocker
7. Auto-update (or manual via Support tab)

Auto-save Feature
1. Every time you connect the current configuration you select will automatically be saved including username & password.(Each account is stored separately)

Important! For smart users.
1. Proxy must be manually entered in the proxy section of the GUI. (Search the site for a working Proxy.)

Click S (Smart) to switch to G (Globe) vice versa

Recommended port is automatically selected when changing server, protocol and network. But some say using an specific port makes their connection faster and also fix some connection problem(can't browse). You can manually select a port to connect to but there are no guarantees that it will always work.

System Requirements:
1. A computer
- Recommended OS Vista,7
- .NET 3.5
2. Internet connection
3. Common sense

Tested on
Win7 64-bit & WinXP 32-bit (Smart)
.NET Framework 3.5

Download Version 2.3:

Download Version 3.2 BETA

Download Version 4.0

Both 32-bit & 64-bit taphss/tap0901(v9.8) driver included.

Required files
Download .NET Framework 3.5
Download .NET Framework 2.0


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