Friday, 1 July 2011

Opera Mini 4.2 mod as a PC Browser by :: Airtel,AIrcel,tata,reliance,mtnl,bsnl Free Internet

I have arrived on a solution to make the famous mobile browser to browse free on Opera Mini 4.2 mod to run in a big window on the PC. The reason for this is the fast browsing experience on mobile devices with this application and the small amount of traffic it generates during browsing sessions, bcos the Opera Mini proxy reduces page sizes. So also PC users could benefit from using this browser, especially from version 4 that introduces fullscreen support.Because OperaMini is a Java ME application, an emulator is necessary. Therefore, I used the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit with the included MIDP emulator. Then I adapted the preinstalled "QwertyDevice" and made a new emulator device template, the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (OMLD), with the usable screen size like 800x505, 1200x705 pixels. are there is more.Here are pictures of what the result looks like.

*.Get the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from here
it will work on vista without this(JDK) (i have not tried it on XP).
*.Get the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC from here
*.Get the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" for Sun Java Wireless Toolkit from here
*.To get the Jad out of the Jar u need Jadgen from here
Installation (done for Win XP):
*.Install the JDK.
*.Install the Wireless Toolkit.
*.Unzip your downloaded version of "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (simply extract it, a directory will be created automatically). Copy this directory to Path-to-WTk\wtklib\devices\ . The complete path to OMLD on my machine looks as follows: "C:\WTK2.5.2\wtklib\devices\OperaMiniLargeDevice1024x705".
*.Then choose "OperaMiniLargeDevice" as the default device,
e.g. via "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Default Device Selection".
*.Then use "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Run MIDP Application" to start Opera Mini via its JAD file.
*.The start screen should appear and you should now be able to launch Opera Mini by pressing F2.
You can set the link focus and scroll through a site with ARROW keys. The ENTER key selects an action, e.g. a text field. Texts can be entered with the normal keyboard keys. You can copy from and paste text into text fields by pressing ctrl+c and ctrl+v. The keys F1 to accept when u enter a new address F2 to launch Hope you find this discovery helpful. Any tips to improve this solution are welcome.


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