Saturday, 9 July 2011

[Java] UC Browser 7.8 _BackUper + ScreenShoter_ Unofficial Mod by

You will never loose your UC Browser bookmarks again when formating your phone or reinstalling UC browser.
This app will take a backup for you and can restore later when needed.
Backuper to take backup of your browser data and Screen shoter to take Screen shoot in app while browsing.

Using this you can backup your UC Browser's: 
All above in just one click using this modded UC Browser 7.8.

When you deleting UC Browser, first run UC-Backuper and click Backup,wait for a while until UC-Backuper automaticaly Exit.   Now there was a RMS backup file created in  e:/  (in Mem disc) named - UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani.rms

Just copy your Backup file in to another location like  e:/others - for safety .
After reinstall UC Browser 7.8 _BackUper + ScreenShoter_ Unofficial Mod by NAVAMANI (This version file only) you must paste this RMS  Backup file in e:/  (e:/UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani.rms) if not exist. Then  run UC-Backuper and click Restore. wait for a while until UC-Backuper automaticaly Exit. 
Now your old backups are synchronized.

You can use your all old ( like UC Browser 7.7.rms ) backup file to UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani .
Just Rename that RMS file to 'UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani.rms' with correct space and letters..(in mem disc e:/ ) 
Now Restart UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani  and click Restore in UC backuper.
your old UC Browser rms backups (bookmarks,settings,themes,) are now available in new UC Browser 7.8 by Navamani 

  Don't share your RMS Backup file to others. Because it save your PASSWORDS,cookies and other browsing data.

To take Screen Shot press Call key. 

You can see that images in e:/.

Note : 
After installation this version plaese all clear user data through setting, otherwise it will give some Chinese Tab.
To clear all user data go through :
Preference>general setting>menu>clear data.
Then restart again.

Long Press * butten for ScreenShoter settings.



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