Saturday, 16 July 2011

Googlebot Powerfull Robots Index The Page VERY Fast To Google

The frequency at which the Googlebot will visit your website is influenced by several factors.

1) The Google PageRank of your web pages
2) Whether Google considers your website as a source of news. - If they consider your website as a website that releases breaking news, they will send a bot there regularly.
3) How often a they notice your page has changed. If they notice that your page content is different every time they visit, they will send the bot more often to stay abreast of the changes.
4) There is a setting in your sitemap where you can tell Google that your website is changed on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Make sure that setting is right if you want the bots to come back more often.

Getting a new domain indexed very quickly is a very simple task to do:

1) Do a search on Google for the exact domain name ( as soon as the site is launched. When Google finds no search results matching for close relevancy they add that new search word ( to their dictionary of terms. They then put their bots on alert for that term to see if it comes up again. I recommend searching a whole bunch of times for your exact domain name just to make sure they realize that someone is looking for it. This is the same way that they handle any new words that are typed into their search box for the first time.

2) Get a link from any highly popular website that gets lots of search engine bot traffic. A great one to use is Twitter. Even though the links are rel="nofollow", they still will follow those links from Twitter. So does Microsoft.

Follow this technique and you will have your homepage indexed in a matter of hours. This works reliably for me every single time I do it.


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