Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Google+ Get Invitations By

Google+ was announced Some Days in the week, but currently it is invite only. Last night Google opened invites for all users and later closed it down. Some of you may have been lucky and received an invite from us, but others not so. On his personal blog, Athar has posted a guide on how to bypass the invite system, for now By Athar The best Bloggers rated By google.

1. View your “Circles” page.
2. Click “Add a new person” to add someone to your circle.
3. Select your person from the list. If they are not appearing, simply input their email address.
4. Add the person to your circle. After doing so, go to “Home” where you can view the stream.
5. Compose a new post, but make sure the box is checked next to “Also email…”
6. Click “Share” and you’re set. Now the person will see the post in their inbox, which will grant them access to Google+.

We can’t guarantee this will work, but if you have a friend with Google+ .....




hay plzz invite me at

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