Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cyberghost the famous VPN says goodbye (SAD NEWS)

Hello friends,

Cyberghost VPN is the most famous and mostly used and trusted vpn all over in the world.

But from last some few days it is neither connected nor working even for premium paid users.

Do you know  Why.....?   Then read this.


CyberGhost says goodbye …

but don’t panic, just to Germany, and certainly not to you or the fight for a free and secure Internet with enough privacy for everyone who cares.

The price of freedom
It has not been an easy decision, but in the end we have decided to leave Germany to ensure our service‘scontinued support for privacy. Why is this? As everyone knows, Germany is one of the European states that has ignored the European Data Retention Directive (2006/24/EC) – or at least has been forced to do so because of a ruling from its own supreme court. The reason is that the German version of the directive did not comply with the German Constitution.

A similar situation arose with the Romanian Constitutional Court – but with one big difference: unlike in Germany, the Romanians argued not only that their local version was questionable, but also that the “continuous limitation of privacy […] makes the essence of the right disappear.” Furthermore, the court stated that the Data Retention Directive could not be considered to respect fundamental human rights like the right to privacy, secrecy of correspondence and freedom of expression. These are actually the words we would like to hear from our own government. Instead, we have reason to believe that a new data retention law will come into force, with the removal of the German extensions that were ignored by the German Constitutional Court, but still reflecting exactly the European Data Retention Directive. This is cruelty enough for any free citizen. And also reason enough to move to Romania, isn’t it? Even in spite of Count Dracula, good ole Frankenstein and all the dangers of the Transylvanian mountains

Yes, we’re packing our bags!
It’s essential for a service like CyberGhost VPN to be able to protect its users from government access, especially since its very purpose is to keep users anonymous and guide them safely through the Internet. We seriously think that this service can be provided in Romania much better than in our own country – as sad as it sounds.

What does it mean for you?
Right now? Nothing. In the future? Again, nothing. Because you wouldn’t even notice, when and if the political and legal situation changes in Germany. Your subscription is safe and you will never end up in a situation where you have paid for a year of complete anonymity and you just get a few months, simply because a new law appears and changes everything. Actually you don’t even have to keep an eye on Romania either, because if things changehere as well (which is not likely, since the court ruling couldn’t be overturned), we will move on. We are doing it now for you and we will do it again.

Best regards

M. Becker.

Mark Becker
CyberGhost Customer Service

Hope now you understand what is the matter.

Above matter is not fake.

Here is the source.

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Hope this will solve query of all cyberghost users.


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