Saturday, 4 June 2011

[TUT] Hydrogen Electrolysis For students learning

What are we going to do?
We are gonna split the hydrogen off from water, You could burn the hydrogen to power a generator if you wanted or a car as it is very clean burning compared to coal/oil
Things we will need!
*. Batteries (As many as youwant, 9Volt or better)
*. Some wire (About 2 -3 feet to be safe[Single strand small gauge])
*. A Glass Cup (Plastic wont work for our later test)
*. Water (Distilled Or you can use tonic water)
*. Salt (Not sea salt but that Morton salt)
*. 2 Nails (Iron is best)
*. Lighter (Jet torch is best)Lets build!
1. Pour water in your cup, fill it about half way
2. Add 2 TBS of salt (tablespoons)
3. Stir that as best as you can
4. Wrap some wire around one nail (be sure your wire is bare on the part your wrapping)
5. Wrap some wire around the other nail
6. Attach batteries to un-woundend of the wire
7. Stick nails in your cup
MS PAINT diagram of finished product
Now what the hell is happening?
Well if you did it correctly... You should see bubbles forming on the anode (negative) side of your circuit (from the nail that's submerged in the liquid) grab your lighter and light it, bring it close to the surface above the bubbles, Notice your flame will become more orange this ishydrogen burning!
How does it work?
Well Water is H2o which means it has 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom, The salt water acts like a conductor and caries the current thus completing the circuit. As the water gets hit by electricity the bonds holding thehydrogen and oxygen are broken causing hydrogen to escape as well as oxygen.What now?
*. Use your hydrogen to power agenerator
*. Use it to power a car
*. Make your system more efficient
*. Fill a 2 liter bottle up with hydrogen, Toss in fire , Profit
Please note: This is a simple inefficient demonstration to show how it works I realizeGoogle could have gotten you this.


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