Thursday, 30 June 2011

Trick to use HTML while sending E-MAIL

All popular email programs from web-based Gmail and Yahoo! Mail to desktop-based Microsoft Outlook to the mail appon your mobile phone are now HTML (or rich-text) capable. Thus, your email messages can have custom fonts, inline images, lists, tables and other formatting similar to a web page.

But theres one little problem - how do you write an HTML email?

The built-in WYSIWYG editors, like the one shown here, offer basic functions for formatting text but there are things you cannot do. For instance, how do you insert a 3x5 table inside a Gmail message? Can you right-align an image and wrap text around it similar to Word?

All this is easily possible in HTML but since your email program wont let you compose a message directly in HTML, you are stuck.

I have one easy solutions for this problem. The here you can write an HTML message and send it yourself or anyone else with a click. The tool has a simple WYSIWYG editor but you can also switch to the code view and compose messages directly with HTML markup.

Send the mail to your ID,then you can easily forward it to your desired contacts.


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