Friday, 10 June 2011

S60 v2 create folder insidefolder in menu (move to mobile)

I think many users know this thing.But i searched the forum and i dont found any tutorial on this topic.So i decided to share this information.
Requirements :
1. Grid view in menu must be enabled.
2. X-plore or any file manager using which you can access ur phone system.
3. Any app in 2nd place of 1st row in main menu.
Now make a new folder in menu and name it anything lets name it "Folder" and move this folder to 1st place of 1st row
Now open xplore and goto E:\system\apps
and change any apps name(except xplore & app in 2nd place of menu) like change"jarboom to jarbooms" or anything (rename that app whose actual name can be remembered easily) .
After renaming immediately press menu key and goto 2nd place and press options (dont close options remain it open and dont press any key untill ur phone refreshes)
Wait for few sec till ur phone undergoes through the changes made by you in jarboom(in xplore) when it refreshes then the highlight (cursor) goes to the 1st place i.e. Ur folder but the option remains the same as they are open already for app.
From options select "move to folder" and move to any folder which are in list.
Dont forget about app renamed in xplore rename it again to its actual name (otherwise it will not work)
Same process is applicable to rename an app just exchange the positions of app and folder i.e. Place app in 1st place and folder in 2nd and rename any app in xplore and press options for folder(remember folder mustbe created by you) in menu and wait till ur mobile refreshes and cursor goes to 1st place where ur app is located then select rename and name it anything.Butrename ur apps name(changed inxplore) to original or actual name


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