Saturday, 4 June 2011


 We all know's that SALMAN BHAI's DABANGG arrived with a bang and not just broke the opening weekend record of 3 IDIOTS but also turned out to be the second highest grosser in the history of Hindi cinema by doing business in the excess of 140 crores net.  Now comes Salman Khan's READY and trade is already pegging it to be next Salman blockbuster that would at the least top 100 crores mark. 

It is simple maths actually instead of any assumption, guess work or wish-list, says satish kaushik who has worked with Salman in the past, When a film of his comes after such a huge gap, in this case as much as 9 months after DABANGG, the craze is bound to be manifold.[/b]

Now it is obvious that the makers are playing to his DABANGG image. They are unabashedly selling Salman of his post-Dabangg image, what with numerous references to his 2010 cop action drama by means of mannerisms (sunglasses placed in collar), dialogues (never under estimate I, me and myself) No one seems to be thinking about what really is the story of READY with it being presented as a Salman Khan show-reel.0„2
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[c=green]Salman's karisma is not that he turn to be most successful macho man of B town but also that he is most recraetive actor of these days, READY really shows that how much rom-com approach this film has. many trade pundits assumed this movie will cash million dollors, me also think so, hope all will well for Salman and Ready


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