Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Download Latest UC Browser 7.2 Beta For India, Indonesia and International

UC Browser 7.2 Beta Released in Chinese and you can try the English translated version by me here. UC Browser official version will be release soon next month, till you can enjoy this English translated version by me for Java phones. This new version feature like Save Page, Direct image upload via Camera and lots bug fixed. UC browser known as Most fastest and stable browser. UC Browser 7.2 Beta Java version available download for India, Indonesia and US International Version. 
New Feature UC Browser 7.2:
1. New Mouse mode feature.
2. New Photo upload feature.
3. Added context menu to copy feature the entrance of the right-click menu can be used anywhere Copy.
4. Optimize the download function, to solve the original case which could not be downloaded.5. Optimization of scaling mode operation display.
6. Optimization of zoom mode, to save traffic.
7. Optimization of the control display, such as the input box.
8. The focus moving speed by optimizing long.
9 Optimize WAP site CSS Effects.
10. Optimization of bookmarked pages back into the main menu, exit.

Function Optimization:
1. Scroll bar results show that optimization;
2. Page display rendering optimization;
3. zoom mode, save flow;
4. Landscape mode operation optimization;

Main Bug Fix UC Browser 7.2:
1. Fixed WWW pages to could not be saved TXT.
2. Fixed shortcut keys on E72.
3. Fixed E52 firmware version can't display web images icons and bar business problems.
4. Fixed XML WAP page views.
5. LG machine can not complete the initialization.
6. Moto E680 authorization still can not download files.
New iPhone UA in UC Browser 7.2:
I've modded UA (User Agent) with new iPhone UA for another look of some sites like orkut, twitter and some other who offer a different page view for iPhone. See in screen shoot, the look of Orkut and Twitter, having different and more options that regular or mobile version of their. To use it go to Preference - System Settings - Browser Identification UA and select Advanced 1. You can use Advanced 2 for regular Mozila Desktop UA. 

Free Download Link for UC Browser 7.2 Beta English Translated by mannuforall. 
All 3 Flavours for India, Indonesia and US International Version(363 KB)

UC Browser 7.2 Beta.jar (Indian Version)

UC Browser 7.2 Beta.jar (International Version)

UC Browser 7.2 Beta.jar (Indonesia Version) 

New: UC Browser 7.2 Handler UI 200b5.jar 
         UC Browser 7.2 Lite HandlerUI 200b4.jar 
         UC7.2 Final Handler UI150.jar
         UC7.2 Beta Handler UI150.jar .


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