Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Just give a miss call to know IPL match scores

DNA Infoline, an information service provider, has introduced a free service “Miss call pe Score” for the Indian cricket fans during this IPL Cricket Season that is starting from 8th April.

To take advantage of the service, the cricket fans will have to dial
09004444444 from any mobile phone.

"After the call, the phone will automatically disconnect and in some moment, DNA Infoline’s application based on our Keygoe System will send the SMS with the latest score to the phone number from where the call would have come,” said Hariharan Iyer, sales director (South Asia) Donjin Communication.

The service is based on Keygoe System by Donjin. DNA Infoline had initiated the “Miss call pe Score” service during the ICC World Cup in the western part of India. During the ICC World Cup, it received around nine crore calls. On an average around 12 to 18 lakh call per day were made by the cricket fans seeking the latest score. The Indo-Pak semi-final match itself resulted in 1.32 crore miss calls.

Due to the anticipated huge traffic of calls for DNA Infoline “Miss call pe Score” service, the company has deployed 16 PRI lines which would mean that at any given point of time during the IPL match, 480 calls will be serviced simultaneously.

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