Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ab java Programmers Programmming karke Free Reliance 3g internet Using PAckages :D hahaa Reliance - -Almost Free- - Internet in PC 2g 3g 3.5g.

1. Newer and Easier Method: ( Tried to Make it as Easier As i Can )

Step 1. Just Download the .Jar File According to Your Needs and install JRE !

Step 2. Copy the .JAR file Anywhere, and Run it. [ The File Will Run in Background, So you will not see anything on Desktop ] !

Step 3. if the .JAR file opens in PC Suite then right click on it then go to open with and Choose to open with java SE Library.

Step 4. To Check whether your .JAR is running or not, open task manager, if the .JAR is running, you will find a application javaw.exe in Task Manager !

Step 5. Put Proxy and Port 8080 in Browser/IDM as usual,Connect with rcomwap and You are Done !

Links for All Needed Files :-

JAR With .22 Proxy --

JAR With .7 Proxy --

JAR With .22 Proxy ( ) --

JAR With .7 Proxy ( ) --

Link for JRE ( Download Windows-x86 Offline Version [16 MB] ) --

Now Method for Torrents as Suggested by a member Takia bro not Tried by Me !

Step 1. First of oll download latest Bit Torrent client which supports http proxy.
thn go to option -- preferences -- connection

Step 2. Choose proxy Server Type = Http -- Proxy= -- Port=8080

Step 3. Now changing in internet setting go to Internet Options -- connection -- Setting
in Proxy Address type and in Port=8080

PS Remember one thng trackers like never supports proxy connect so try a torrent who has more than 2 trackers, hope it will work 4 you.


2. Older Method:- ( Use this if 1st Method Do not Work )

First of all you have to instalL JRE (Java Runtime Enviorment) Now you have to declare a variable to use java interpreter.
I am going to tell u how to declare it :

Step 1. Left click on my computer then click properties - advanced - click environment - click new.

Step 2. Here You Will find two Options First is User Variables and Second is System Variables. Perform Step 3 , Step 4 and Step 5 in Both of Them.

Step 3. Click on New.

Step 4. In Variable Name Put: Path

Step 5. In Variable value put this address: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_25\bin (Or the location where your JRE is installed open the bin folder and put path according you saw in address bar)

Step 6. Save it.

Step 7. You are done and now it should work !

Here Comes the Trick :

Step 1. Connect to your PC via rcomwap APN.

Step 2. Download

Step 3. Copy the folder named reliance from Zip to Drive C:\ (it should be C:
eliance bus ek hi folder hona chaiye uske andar direct files honi chaiye Charon. )

Step 4. Open your Browser, put Proxy: Port: 8080 , By Going TOOLS - OPTION - ADVANCED Save it.

Step 5. Run rim.bat from the Folder.

Step 6. Enjoy Free Relince Internet.

I Edited the Files with New backQuery and Now My Net is Working like Charm, it Sometimes cuts 100KB's Sometimes 200KB-300KB from net Balance but not more then this, Trick is Working for Me with Constant Speed of 30KBPS, Without Any Problem(Rajsthan) but i din't tried with Balance i Tried it with 51-RC, Sometime Speed can be Slow !

PS: Anybody Try it with Balance also, Just Recharge with 10rs and tell us How much balance cuts in a Session while using the Trick [I Don't Think it will be more then 20-30 paisa per Session.

Hit Thanx if Works for You !!! Dantna mat Work nahi kare to !


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