Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ULTOO EARNINGS:New 2 multisender website with earnings....

The best website 4 ultoo users till now....!!!

ITS my 1st post regarding Ultoo...

Awesome website 4 ultoo users...

it's provide not only send sms to single number but also to multiple numbers...

NO need 2 send sms to multiple no.
just type 1 no. And select how many no.s of sms u want to send to that no.
and ur earnings increased..

Here is the website..

Now you can also see your earnings in our site and no need to go to to see your balance.

if u have any problems,
then reply here...

If u like my post then plz hit me thanx...

Please like our site on facebook if you really like our work.

Give ur suggestion to improve this site.....

and also like this on facebook,
so that i m able to improve this site...


note: The registration link for ultoo at the bottom of the page is not a fake link.. Its just a redirection link to ultoo.


Ultoo Working MultiSender

New Ultoo SMS Poll Quiz Script 2013 (earn Rs.3.10 per day)

PHP Script (run in Server)
Auto SMS Send download link
Auto Poll Complete download link
Auto Quiz Complete download link

Javascript (run in Browser)
Auto SMS Send download link
Auto Poll Complete download http://link
Auto Quiz Complete download link

Happy earning.....

100% working ultoo trick

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