Sunday, 18 December 2011

3 Tips To Get Good Domain Name For Your Business

Following are some tips might help you pick the domain name easier.

1) Shorter is Better
The most memorable domains tend to be shorter than longer. A shorter domain has fewer possible spellings or interpretations and is easier to memorize.
2) Easy Spelling
Choose a simple site address that does not have a lot of spelling variations. Domain names are often passed around by customers in verbal conversation. Use only a few words to ensure the correct information is passed around. Also remember that you can only use letters, numbers or a hyphen. No special characters, like &, # or $, are allowed in a domain name.
3) Descriptive of the Company
Website addresses should not be a random name you pull out of a hat. Your domain name should clearly express what your company is about and should reflect what you do. Instead of simply looking for something catchy, strive to pick a domain that fits into and complements your overall branding.


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