Monday, 29 August 2011

watching live tv (Best player for pc)

watch mobile tv on pc By this software..

Hello friends there watching live tv in pc can not possible becoz of it takes more bandwith.
But now days mobile tv market is booming.i found some threads that is for live tv links .
But ruuning this links in pc is difficult for some users so I made this thread to solve them problem!!
Live tv links and links for mobile streaming consist “rtsp” protocol
Threre are 3 players in the market that can run “rtsp” protocol free and easy>

1} vlc player


2}real plyer


3}quicktime player


This 3 players can play this protocol>
For real plyer there is no need of any setting in browser >opera and firefox identifies real player as the default player for this protocol!
For other two
For opera
Goto setting>preference>advanced>programs>add new>add “rtsp”as in protocol bar>select other application>select vlc.exe and quicktime player.exe as other app in program files>

Thts it!!!!

NOTE:FOR ME quicktime player Is BEST PLAYER
you can play streams on pc!

Here is some links whic work 100%
rtsp:// (B4U)
rtsp:// (Hi TV)

For More tv links Click here


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