Thursday, 9 June 2011

Speak Asia Bank Account Soon Opened - 9 June 2011

In the Obligation by Many Media Such as Star TV now the news which comes on 7june 2011 11:30 on Star News By Manoj Kumar CEO of Speak Asia Online have said in a Press release that company have get money from Singapore United Overseas Bank.According to Him Bank Have Given 16 Million USD In Indian Currency its Rs.80 Carore for use and Pay to any one.But this Money can only be Used when company will open a New Account and when company will be found a new partner.

More then That a sum of Rs 102 crore is lying in the bank accounts of HVP's collection agents in India although these account are closed but soon will account will be opened. As soon as these banks who have frozen these account's
we will give money to our pannelist's.

Speak Asia Also announced for their panelists members whom membership is finished or its soon be completed . Company will make it continued until payment problem from our side is get Solved.

Video Prof of this News

    Star TV News on Speak Asia as Broadcasted on June 7th,2011 at 11_30


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